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» Our Sponser

We would like to thank St. Mary's Anglican Church in Charleroi and Father Robert Hanna  for being our sponsor.  Also for letting us use the hall whenever we need it.  Your continued support of our unit is greatly appreciated!! 

» Special Thanks
Our Dens meet at St. Mary's Church on Wednesday night.  Our Webelo's meet at our Scout room located at 7th and McKean Avenue.
» Thanks Decision Design
Thanks to the folks at Decision Design Corporation, for providing us with the server space and software for our site.  If you are looking for custom software, consider giving them a call.
Forms and Documents

Adult Awards
  Cub Scout Den leader Award
  Cub Scouter Award
  Cubmaster Award
  Tiger Cub Den Leader award
  Webelos Den Leader Award
  Cub Scout World Conservation award
  Den Advancement Form
  National Summertime Pack Award
  Unit Advancement Report
  2015 Rookie Camp
  2017 Camp Information
  2017 Zoo Info Sheet
  2017 Zoo Trip
  Camp Facility Information
  Camp Facility Rental Application
  Camp Service Patch
  Campership Application
  Directions to Heritage Reservation (Camp Independence)
  Family Cub Scout Pack Camping Site Approval Standards
  Swim Classification Report
  What to Bring to Overnight Camp
Day Camp
  Day Camp Medical Form
  Day Camp Registration Form
Medical Forms
  Heritage Supplimental Medical Form
  Medical Form for All Ages For Overnight Camping
  New 12 month Medical form for Scouts & Adults (2009)
  2015 Pinewood Information
  2016 popcorn Information
  2016 Trolly Trip Information
  2016-2017 Pack Information
  2017 Cub Fishing Event
  2017 popcorn Information
  2017 Science Center
  2017 Zoo Permission Slip
  2017-2018 Calander
  2018 Bowling
  2018 Halloween Parade
  2018 Halloween Party
  2018 Mon Valley Pirate Game
  2018 Picnic Flyer
  2018 Pitt Football Scout Day
  2018 Veterans Day Info Corrected
  2018 Veterans Day Information
  2018 Wild Things Overnight
  2018-2019 Pack Information
  2019 Pinewood Information
  2918 Zoo Information
  February 2015 Hoagie Sale
  Historic Flag Request
  Hoagie Order Form 12-2017
  Hoagie Order Form 2009
  Incident Reports
  January 2017 Hoagie Sale Form
  Memorial Day Schedule
  Newsletter 3-28-2018
  Pack Information 2017-2018
  Scouting For Food Score Card
  Spaghetti Dinner Poster 11-17
  Spaghetti Dinner Poster 11-2017
  Thank You for People who bought popcorn for the "Military Troops"
  Trolly Information
  Unit Money Earning Application
Permission Slips
  2016 Trolly Trip
  2018 Zoo Overnight
  Trolley Trip 2011
Tiger Cubs
  Individual Tiger Cub Record
  Tiger Cub Attendance and Dues
  Tiger Cub Den Advancement Report
  Tiger Den Meeting Planner
  Tiger Den Record
Tour Permits
  Local Tour Permit
  National Tour Permit
Uniform Information
  Cub/Webelo Uniform inspection Sheet
Unit Forms
  2018 Popcorn Order Form
  2018 Popcorn Prize Form
  Cub Scout Den record
  Den Meeting form
  Den Recognition form
  Indivudial Cub Scout Record
  January 2017 Hoagie Form
  Living Treasures Reservation Form
  Nina and Pinta
  Webelos Den Meeting Program
Web Release Form
  Adult Web Release Form
  National's Web Site Policies
  Youth web release form

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